Our Services

The North Amherst Fire Company is proud to provide residents of Amherst and neighboring towns/cities with both EMS service and fire protection.

EMS Service

Rescue 8

The North Amherst Fire Company operates at the BLS level. All firefighters are trained in basic first aid including CPR/AED training. We have multiple firefighters trained as EMTs and EMRs. The North Amherst Fire Company operates an ambulance capable of transporting at the BLS level. All North Amherst apparatus are equipped with AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators). North Amherst is ready to respond to all EMS calls and motor vehicle accidents both in and outside of the fire district boundaries when needed.

Fire Protection


Engine 2Engine 1

North Amherst currently operates a rescue pumper and a pumper. Both pumpers are equipped with various firefighting tools and equipment, hose, lighting, and TICs (Thermal Imaging Cameras), 1000 gallon water tanks, and foam capabilities. While structural firefighting is our primary responsibility, we also respond to minor and miscellaneous fires. In addition, we offer mutual aid to neighboring fire companies/districts when asked.

Other Services


Other than EMS service and fire protection, North Amherst responds to various other emergencies. Other emergencies include CO, gas leaks, power lines arcing/down, ice rescue, fire police, searches, and various service calls. 

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